Ironic is a Hip-Hop artist and Battle MC, born Christopher Wiens Jan 28th 1980, in Edmonton Alberta. The oldest of 4 children his family returned to Ottawa Ontario in 1985 where his parents were from.

From the age of 11 Ironic was captivated by the Canadian hip hop movement of Maestro, Michie Mee, Dream Warriors etc… As well as many American influences such as KRS ONE, Big Daddy Kane and Rakim just to name a few. His interest in lyrical mechanics drove him to study and memorize the Oxford Dictionary. Armed with this vast vocabulary, Ironic set out to prove himself as a hip hop artist.

In his first year of Junior High, at age 13, he met up with 2 future band mates, Markland Campbell and Willy Moreno. Markland had just arrived from Portmore Jamaica, and Willy had emigrated from Veracruz Mexico a couple of years before. All were engaged with the local hip hop/reggae dancehall scene that was spreading like wildfire throughout the nation’s capital. Chris came up with the idea of forming a group capitalizing on their multicultural makeup. B.M.W. (Black Mexican White) was the theme of their style, blending traditional dancehall with classic hip hop topped off with Latino influence. The name they decided on was Half Size Giants, symbolizing a play on their youth and physical stature at the time, in contrast to their drive and larger than life sound.

Shortly after the band formed, bookings from all over the country began pouring in, opening for acts such as Snow, KRS ONE, Lords of the Underground just to name a few. Half Size Giants performed on numerous syndicated television programs from Master T’s Extendamix to hosting Much Music’s Rap City as well as YTV’s It’s Alive. They were featured in Kids National Geographic, and various magazine and newspaper articles throughout the country.

This lead to the release of their debut album Maple Flavour on Cruize Control. Two Video singles on Much Music followed soon after. The album eventually became a classic in the nation’s capital. However Ironic had bigger plans. Unsatisfied with this level of success Ironic moved to Toronto where he entered the local battle circuit and released his first solo EP titled I.R.O.N.I.C. produced by Gigz the Unknown Producer. Eventually his talent took him to the finals of many tournaments, one led to a battle with Jin the 106 and Park Champion. Although an un-judged battle, many felt Ironic edged the victory. Ironic also competed at Scribble Jam in Cincinnati and at the Super Bowl Battle in Boston.

During his time in Toronto Willy and Markland contacted him asking to record a second HSG album, soon after this conversation the first single titled (Get It Made) was recorded. Shortly after release the song achieved nationwide rotation on Flow 93.5, Hot 89.9 and the Beat 94.5 in Vancouver. The video also received heavy rotation on Much Music and Musique Plus eventually making it’s way intop the Coca Cola Top 30.

Unfortunately due to creative differences their full album titled (Life Moves Fast) was never released. During the process of recording said album, Ironic reconnected with his high school sweetheart, shortly after the birth of his son followed. With a newborn baby and the group breaking up for a second time Ironic’s financial and mental struggles began to take a toll. Stress mounted and Chris and his son’s mother parted ways less than a month after his son was born. Discouraged and frustrated Ironic almost gave up on music completely, deciding that living beyond the law was the only way of achieving the financial success he craved through his music. He began to drink more heavily than ever before and his outlook on the world became dark, twisted and pessimistic.

Through his day to day hustles, Ironic came across a horror core rap metal band named So Sick Social Club. He ended up collaborating and performing on 2 of their major releases titled Funeral featuring Slaine and Walk Away featuring Ill Bill.

By now his passion for his craft was reignited. However, years of marijuana use and heavy alcohol consumption not to mention a nasty nicotine habit had taken their toll on his body. During this period Ironic had also put on 60lbs of unhealthy weight and was in no shape to re-enter the music business.

After a week-long liquor binge, Chris decided to recommit to his lifelong dream of making music, as well as living sober and healthy. He got himself into AA and in the studio. He reconnected with a childhood friend named Xtra Large who was producing music and they began working on a project (album). He started exercising militantly and replaced the unhealthy weight with muscle. He quit smoking marijuana and cigarettes as well. At this point his focus sharpened and he penned his first two singles titled Resurrection and Gods and Gladiators feat Cool G Rap and Swifty from D12. Video’s for both singles are to be released early this year (2016) as well as a full length album titled Audiobiography.Type your paragraph here.